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Metereological Instruments



  • Anemometer Cup Counter is manufactured as per IS:5912:1970 for measuring wind velocity.
  • The instrument has a cup wheel comprising of three conical cups with beded edges and free to rotate in a horizontal plane.
  • The Cup wheel spindle is connected by worm gearing to a revolution counter mounted inside a water proof housing.
  • The gear ratio between the Cup and Counter Spindles is so chosen that the run of the wind is shown directly in Kilometers and tenths.
  • Each of the three rotor cups shall have an internal diameter of exactly 127.0mm and be semi conical in shape.
  • This instrument measures total run of wind passing at the point of observation through Mechanical counter of the range 0 to 9999.9km



  • The portable anemometer provides fast, accurate readings, with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor separately.
  • Multi-functions for air flow measurement m/s, km/h,. ft/min, knots.
  • A sensitive balanced vane wheel rotates freely in response to air flow.
  • Built-in low battery indicator.
  • Data Hold function for stored the desired value on display. Large LCD display, easy to read.
  • Measuring Range : 0.4 to 30.0m/s.
  • Suitable to operate on 9V Battery .


  • Fortins Barometer with Metric and English system scales reading 25” to 32” and 64cm to 81cm with reactors behind scale and cistern.
  • Vernier operating with rack and pinion, reads 0.1” and 0.1cm, with brass pipe and brass fittings, with borosil glass tube, fitted on wooden base.
  • Supplied without Mercury.


  • This instrument is manufactured as per IS: 5900-1970.
  • The humidity sensor consists of a bundle of Human Hair held between two adjustable jaws, the whole assembly being mounted on a hair movement plate.
  • The variations with length of the hair stands due to changes in the relative humidity are measured by the displacement of the centre of the hair strands transmitted by a lever and a pair of cams to the pen arm so that the movement of the pen is a linear function of the relative humidity.
  • Available with mechanical clock .


  • This Pan Evaporimeter is manufactured as per Is:5973 :1970.
  • The Pan is manufactured from pure copper, duly tinned and epoxy pointed and tested for water leak proofness.
  • The stilling well and thermometer clamps are manufactured from Brass.
  • This is supported on wooden platform and covered with reinforced chickon.
  • Measuring Jar is manufactured from transparent Acrylic.
  • This Pan Evaporimeter is also available in galvanized Iron as per customer's requirement.


Available in two different capacities :

10 mm & 25 mm.

  • The instrument is designed to give a continuous record of the rainfall inaddition, from the record the total amount, the times of onset and cessation, the duration and the rate can be determined.
  • This Rain Gauge is manufactured as per IS:5235:1969 and manufactured from fiberglass rainforced plastic which is non corrosive Container is assembled with Gun-metal Ring and Locking arrangements.
  • Syphoning System and Recording arrangements are manufactured from Brass.
  • Whereas the High torque clock is of unique Electronic design which is operated on 4 x 1.5 V. DC Dry Cell and economically uses the power consmpution alternately mechanical clock winding also with SRRG. Available as special requirement.


  • These screens are manufactured as per IS:5948:1970 and are suitable for housing thermograph, hydrograph, dry and wet bulb, Thermometer and Maximum-Minimum Thermometer.
  • Basically these are manufactured from best quality Indian wood and accurately assembled with side louvers and supplied available in two sizes: Small size and Large size. i.e.sterasay Stream & Metautyiae.
  • Dry bulb thermometers as per IMD Specifications & as per IS:5631, Wet Bulb thermometers as per IMD specifications and as per Is:5681, Minimum thermometers as per IMD Specifications and as per IS:5681, Maximum thermometers as per IMD specifications and as per IS:5681, Glass Minimum thermometers as per IMD specifications. Soil thermometers for following depths as per IMD specifications and as per 6592 . 5 cms. depth to 10 cms depth.


  • This Sun-Shine Recorder is manufactured as per IS:7243:1974.
  • Basic Main Components are bowls which are manufactured from Bronze as per Is:306:1968 and are precisely machined and assembled.
  • Base of white marble.
  • The sphere bowl is made uniformed and well annealed and air bubble free glass having good surface finish.
  • The instrument is always supplied with one year recording graph, and standard stenciled curve for comparison.


  • This instrument is manufactured as per IS:5901 - 1970.
  • The instrument consists of a temperature sensitive Bimetallic element., in the form of S flat sript or HLIX, connected by a system of Magnifying linkage to a recording pen moving on a chart which is fixed on a drum driven by clockwork available with mechanical clock


  • Altimeter
  • Anemometer Cup Counter
  • Aneroid Barometer
  • Current Meter – Propeller type
  • Current Meter – Cup type
  • Current Meter – Pygmy type
  • Digital Temperature and Humidity Indicator
  • Dial type Temperature and Humidity Indicator
  • Electronic Anemo Printer
  • Electronic Water Level Recorder
  • Fortins Barometer
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Wet & Dry Bulb Thermometer
  • Wet Bulb Thermometer
  • Dry Bulb Thermometer
  • Lux Meter
  • Maximum & Minimum Thermometer
  • Maximum Thermometer
  • Minimum Thermometer
  • Measuring Crane & with measuring wheel
  • Magnetic Compass
  • Open Pan Evaporimeter
  • Pedometer
  • Rain Gauge – Non Recording
  • Rain Gauge – Measuring Jar
  • Rain Gauge – Self Recording (Chart)
  • Rain Gauge – Charts
  • Rain Gauge – Mechanical Clock / Quartz clock
  • Rain Gauge – Digital
  • Sediment Sampler – Bed Materials
  • Sediment Sampler – Bed Load
  • Sediment Sampler – Depth Integrated suspended
  • Sediment Sampler - Point Integrating
  • Sound Level Meter
  • Sun shine Recorder
  • Stevenson Screen Apparatus
  • Thermo-Hygro Graph
  • Thermo Graph Bi-metallic
  • Hygro Graph Hair
  • Universal Current Meter
  • Water Storage Recorder
  • Wind Vane
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