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  • Microprocessor display with continuous visual update.
  • Reliable versatile performance with full field support.
  • Select the programme mode and duration.
  • Feature touch key board with digital display for programming.
  • Programmable 12 stage timing sequence with each step 1 minute to 16hrs.
  • Delay action from 1 hour to 99 hours.
  • Safety Device for Tissue Protection.
  • Temperature controller of wax baths operational in limits in 10°C to 80°C.
  • Digital display for adjusting time sequence, temperature setting with battery back-up.
  • Precision gear mechanism for trouble free working.
  • Each station with a capacity of approximate 1 liters / 2 Ltrs.
  • With automatic agitation.
  • Power supply 200/230V AC, 50 Hz




  • High performance built, versatile microtome manufactured as per international standards for accurate, consistent frozen sectioning at diagnostic and research laboratories in the fields of pathology, Histology, histo chemistry, bio chemistry, forensic science, biological research, veterinary studies, marine biology, bio sciences,etc.
  • Well balanced retracting microtome housed in a stainless steel chamber specially designed for low operating temperature.
  • Can cut as thin as 1 micron section.
  • Robust feed system virtually delivers flat, uniform undistorted and consistent sections.
  • All operations are frictionless and vibration free.
  • Dynamic modular design provides easy, simple and comfortable operations.
  • Temp. range upto -30/-40° C.
  • Section size : 40 x 55mm.
  • Section thickness : 1-20microns in step of 1 micron each

KNIFE SHARPENER (A.O. Spencer type)


Optional Accessories

Coarse Microabrasive 200ml
Fine Microabrasive 200ml
  • Can sharpen any Knife upto 120mm in length.
  • Fitted with electrical timing device for operating the knife sharpener upto desired time.
  • Transparent plexi glass cover encloses the entire working mechanism and provides dust free sharpening process.
  • The knife strokes against a high frequency glass honing plate for three times and turn back for sharpening the other side.
  • Standard accessories includes Universal knife holder, Knife inspection block, Re-dressing pad, Honing Plate, Honing glass compound (50ml bottle) and dust cover


  • Cuts section as thin as one micron (1-50microns). The total excursion of the feed is 28mm.
  • The object clamp is big enough to hold the block32mm wide and 17mm high.
  • The microtome is fitted with a strong knife holder which can be adjusted to different ranges of sectioning angles.
  • Fitted with automatic feed release safety device.
  • Automatic lock for ensuring safety device.
  • Sturdily built with a streamlined body.
  • Surface grinding on base, horiziontal, vertical and inclined slide for smooth and accurate motion.
  • Ratchet wheel, CAM and CAM weight are made of GUN METAL.
  • Standard accessories includes 120mm Razor, Object holder, knife holder tightening key, dust cover and oil can for lubrication


Available in following capacities:

For 1000 slides

For 2000 slides

For 5000 slides.

For 10000 slides.

For 20000 slides.

For 25000 slides.


  • The Cabinet can accommodate microslides of 3” x 1”.
  • Vertical Position Teak Plywood Body with Trays.
  • Each tray accommodate 50 slides.
  • Bottom of trays are made of Hard Board with aluminium grooves.
  • Trays with index numbered, knob card frame lacquer polish.
  • The drawers cannot be removed from the cabinets.
  • Supplied complete with lock and key.


Optional Accessories:

Digital Temperature controller cum Indicator
Digital Timer (or) Mechanical timer.


  • It is very useful for heating slides to a uniform constant temperature below the melting point of wax.
  • Stainless Steel Top.
  • Outer chamber is made of Mild Steel sheet with powder coating.
  • The Surface temperature is controlled by hydraulic type thermostat from ambient to 70°C.
  • Fitted with pilot lamps for indication of heat and mains.
  • Supplied complete with chord and plug suitable to operate on 230 Volts, 1 ph, 50 Hz.
  • Size : 600 x 150mm



  • Double walled construction.
  • Most suited for preparing wrinkle free tissue specimens.
  • Inside is made up of aluminium and outside of M.S. sheet duly powder coated.
  • Temperature range from ambient to 80° C + 0.5°C is controlled by Thermostat.
  • Fitted with indicators for Mains and Heat.
  • Supplied with chord and plug suitable to operate on 230 Volts, single Phase, 50 Hz.
  • Inner chamber size : 200 (dia) x 110mm (depth).


  • Autoclaves – Vertical
  • Autoclaves – Horizontal
  • Automatic Knife Sharpener (Microtome Knife)
  • Automatic Tissue Processor
  • Automatic Slide Staining Machine
  • Bactereological Incubator
  • Balances – Digital
  • Binocular Microscopes
  • Block Cabinets
  • Blood Cell Counter
  • Bottle Dispenser
  • Centrifuges
  • Colony Counter Digital
  • Colorimeter Digital / Analogue
  • Conductivity Meter
  • Cooling Centrifuges
  • Coverglass
  • Couplin Jar
  • Counting Chamber
  • Cryostat Microtome
  • Cyclomixer
  • ESR tubes
  • ESRITE Kit
  • Filter Paper
  • Glass Microslide
  • Halogen Lamps
  • Haemocytometer
  • Heating Mantle
  • High Speed Centrifuges
  • Honing Plates – Glass
  • Honing Powders
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Hot Plate Electrical
  • Inoculation Chamber
  • Inoculation Loop
  • Inverted Tissue Culture Microscope
  • Leather Strap
  • L – Moulds
  • Microlitre cyringes
  • Micropipettes
  • Microtome (Rotary AO Spencer type)
  • Microtome Knife
  • Needle Destroyer
  • Ocular Micrometer for Microscope
  • Paraffin Embedding Bath
  • Petridishes
  • Photocolorimeter
  • Pipettes
  • Slide Cabinet
  • Slide Drying Tray
  • Slide Staining Rack
  • Slide staining Trough
  • Slide Staining Stand
  • Slide warming Table
  • Tissue Capsules
  • Tissue Floatation Bath
  • Tissue Homogenizer
  • UV Cabinet
  • Vortex Shaker
  • Water Bath Serological
  • Water Still
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